Owen BLUNDELL (1990)

Owen Blundell Location- Block 3; position 164

1960 - Owen was born on the 22 March in Tumut, New South Wales, Australia, he is 10 minutes older than his twin brother Ian,

At the age of 5 or 6 they would learn little songs from their mother singing around the house and his sister who played a lot of 78 records, their parents encouraged Owen and Ian to sing their little ditty's for the manager and the overseer on the property Red Hill Station their father worked on 

Owen and Ian were paid 10 or 20 cents a song, Owen was singing at an early age in school concerts and often took the lead role.

1976 - Owen first heard Yodelling in Canberra in Civic Mall playing on speakers outside a music shop. When he heard it he loved it and has been a Frank Ifield fan ever since. He bought the “She Taught Me How to Yodel” tape and took it home and tried it but couldn't do it yet. He started to discover other singers like Slim Whitman, Slim Dusty, Buddy Williams, Tex Morton, Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Dusty Rankin, and Wilf Carter. After learning quite a few songs he started singing around the rodeos and camp drafts for anyone who would hear him. He did all his early shows playing just a set of spoons because he couldn't play guitar.

Joined the local Country Music Club.

1983 - First trip to Tamworth to have a look. He rode up on a Honda 750 motorbike and stayed for only two days but that was enough to inspire him to work harder on guitar and write more songs.

1985 – Released his first album on Selection “Snowy Mountain Yodeller”.

1986 – Featured in a documentary on 60 minutes about his song “Jodie”

1990 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

1999 - Owen yodelled full time until he was 39 then he developed nodules on his vocal chords.

2003 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

2004 - People’s Choice Awards – Best Heritage Song with “The Slim Dusty Show”.

2007 - Stan Coster Memorial Bush Ballad Awards – Duo with Brian Letton with “Rolling Wagon”.

He has appeared on the Ray Martin Show, That's Country Today Country Crossroads on aurora channel 183 and various other TV shows over the last 15 years. 

With an easy going personality, Owen has always been approachable by his ever increasing fans is what keeps him going.

Owen has developed into an all round entertainer.  Featured in his show are impersonations of many well known artists. The most popular of these being Frank J Spencer: Described by many as the funniest and most energetic comedy act to come along in years.