Arthur BLANCH (1978)

Arthur Blanch Location- Block 1; position 29

1928 – Born November 1st at Wollun NSW (near Armidale).

1949 - Won Australia’s Amateur Hour

1952 - Wins first place in the talent quest in Lismore at the 2LM Radio Ranch Concert.

Known as “The Singing Shepherd” he was signed to the Australian record company Rodeo Label.

1954 – February Marries Berice in Glen Innes

1958 - March 4 daughter Jewel born.

1962 - Recorded “Strange Little Girl” for EMI and made the Top 40 charts. Recorded “Meet the  Blanch Family” for W&G Records.

1963 - December, Travelled to America did a few shows and television spots also recorded a single for Dot Records “Maker of Raindrops and Roses”.  Stayed in USA for all of 1964.

1965-1968 - Spent the three years working the NSW Club circuit and television scene.

1986 - Travelled as the chief entertainers on the “SS Australis” world cruise. On their return they went back to the states The Blanch Family spent 10 years in America.

1969 - The Capitol record’s, Hollywood signed the Blanch Family and renamed them the Blanch’s.

1970’s – Arthur as solo and “The Blanch’s “(trio) were based in Los Angeles and toured and performed across the USA.

1978- The Blanch Family visit Tamworth for the ACM Awards. Arthur is inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth. Arthur also releases “The Little Man’s got the Biggest Smile in Town” for Mike Curb Records in Los Angeles. The single did well on Billboard, Cash Box and Record World Charts.

1979 – Wound down their American operation to settle back in Australia.  Jewel was inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1980 – Settled near Brisbane and commuted to the USA to complete contracts.

1981 – Arthur and Jewel are signed to CBS Record, Australia and then released “The Lady and the Cowboy” album. They then make the Video for “The Lady and the Cowboy” to go with the album.

1982 - Golden Guitar for Album of the Year “The Lady and the Cowboy” recorded with Jewel.

1983 - Golden Guitar for Album of the Year with “Too Late for Regrets”.

1984 – Golden Guitar for Male Vocalist of the Year with “I’ve Come a Long Way”.

1985 –Golden Guitar for Male Vocalist of the Year with “What Do Lonely People Do”. Appointed Honorary Ambassador for the 1987 Queensland Expo ’88 and promotes the expo while on tour in the US.

1987 – Arthur and Berice based in Nashville. Arthur tours, performs and records across the USA.

1990 - Appears on the Grand Ol’ Opry.

1994-1995 - Arthur’s “Love Walked In” album was successfully marketed on US television. He also releases three Gospel albums Worldwide.

1996 - Released his “Homecoming” album during the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Also appeared on the Grand Ol’ Opry. He is the fourth Aussie to appear on the Opry.

2000 - Released the album “The Blanch Family in the 60’s”.  They are now based back home permanently.

2001 - Elevated onto the Roll of Renown in Tamworth. Releases “Gems and A Few Jewels” Vol 1.

2002 – Inducted into the “Galaxy of Stars” in Tamworth and released “Gems and A Few Jewels” Vol 2.

2003 – Releases “Gems and A Few Jewels” Vol 3. People’s Choice Awards – Best Heritage Song with “The Outback’s Come to Town”.

2004 – Released “Samplings from the Early Sessions” on CD.  Arthur continues to score Top 10 singles in the country charts, performs at many of the big festivals, as well as “The Arthur Blanch Show”.

2006 - Queensland Gold Medallion Awards – Male Vocalist of the Year.

2007 - Queensland Gold Medallion Awards –Male Vocalist of the Year.

2008 - Released his new song, "And My Dad" to radio just in time for fathers Day.

2010 – Arthur’s 60th anniversary year in his career as a recording artist. Arthur is currently song-writing and promoting his new album. His first single which is the title track, "How Can I Thank You", was being widely played on radio and the Australian Defence Department has sent a copy to all troops deployed overseas.

2014 – Released the album “Whatever Floats Your Boat”.